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A stunning destination wedding in Sicily with Letizia and Morgan took place in Milazzo, Italy. Letizia’s family ushered friends and relatives from near and far into a rich, intimate Sicilian experience. Letizia’s bridal head piece was made with vintage veiling and a handmade flower by Love & Sass. Letizia’s vintage-inspired, couture wedding dress by Claire Pettibone, exquisitely complimented the Sicilian backdrop. It's European laces and embroideries, combined with luscious silks, soft cotton, and couture details was a breath-taking sight.


The Italian architecture set the scene for a timeless, destination wedding. Letizia and Morgan's ceremony took place in a church, located directly off oceanside cliffs, an actual Sanctuary in a cave where Saint Anthony took refuge in 1221 during a storm. The church where the ceremony took place was ancient with added altars and dressings of multi-colored marble and low-reliefs in stucco. Cantica Nova sang soulful songs in Latin, Italian, and English. The melodies beautifully reverberated inside the acoustics of the cave.


Letizia and Morgan's reception was at Jalari Park, an outdoor art museum, with massive rock sculptures. The historical museum is located in the mountain above Milazzo, featuring an outdoor sculpture collection, traditional workshops, and panoramic views of the surrounding hillsides, sea, and coastline. Jalari Park is a cultural, ethnographic and environmental park, built 25 years ago by the Pietrinis and the Giorgiannis in the Maloto district (Barcellona P.G.). The golden-light at the end of June and massive red orange sunset, cast angelic light all over the museum park and beautifully reflected in the eyes of the couple and wedding guests. Sicilians have a grand passion and talent for food details, which influenced the wedding reception. Guests enjoyed 7+++ courses delivered by 20 servers coming from every corner of Jalari Park. Sicilian delicacies added flavors, which go beyond verbal description. Guests mouths drooled at the sea of traditional Sicilian dishes, offering an array of colors, spices, and flavors. The endless plates of antipastos, multiple flaming large fish covered in salt, risotto, heart shaped raviolis, calamari, fresh bread and cheeses were some of the dishes. Artistic fruit displays, jumbo figs, mouth dropping canollis, gelato ice cream, grand cake, fondue with a chocolate fountain, champagne, and more were the delicious sweets guests enjoyed. A surprise group of gypsy circus performers appeared during the celebration doing flips, walking on stilts handing ladies extra large flowers, flame throwing, singing and playing music late into the night and early morning until 4:30 am. Letizia and Morgan's Italian wedding was a dream indeed!


Photographers: JOS photographers - Jos Smith | 2nd Photographer: Tree Marie

Bridal Headpiece Design: Tree Marie w/ Love and Sass

Event Planner: Vera Petrini

Music: Band Ars Nova di Napoli with Antonino Anastasìa, Enzo Racioppi,  Joy Napolitano,  Marcello Squillante,  Michael Nusco,  Tino Isola

Ceremony: Via Sant’ Antonio al capo Priest Mons. Gaetano Modesto

Reception Venue: Parco Jalari

Hairstylist: En Vougue by Donatella

Flowers: Al Giardino dei Fiore

Makeup: Tamara | Ring: Gilt Jewelers

Choir: Cantica Nova with Deborah Kay, Silvia Pianezzola, Danilea Marcelli, Franco Schembri, Ignazio Sparacino directed by Fancesco Messina

Hand Fans:  Soloabanicos

Suit: Nordstrom

Ring: Tiffani

Ceremony Booklet designed by Letteria Trischitta Bride’s Mather and printed by Pubblisud

Performers: “ Trio Terapia Tapioco” featuring  “Tromboliere-Trampoliere” Alessandro Arena, “Giochi di fuoco” Fabio Contact and “Juggling Acrobatica” Francesco Mirabile

Wedding Favours: by Licanto with Val Demone Cerimic and Almond dessert NACATOLI from Lipari

Couture Wedding Dress: Claire Pettibone

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