Stoller's tasting room is surrounded in massive windows with a wavy wood ceiling that appears to move. It is open and friendly. The entire staff is upbeat, attentive and cultivates a personalized tasting experience. White Adirondack chairs and small bistro - style tables await outside alined perfectly to take in the vineyard views. There is a gigantic tree at the base of the first sloping hill that sports an old-fashioned tire swing. Sitting outside and soaking in the views is breathtaking - like a scene in a great novel.

Located on the southern edge of the Dundee Hills, just west of Portland, the once family-owned turkey farm was turned into the world-class wine operation by Bill Stoller - third generation to live on the farm. According to Stoller, his grandmother bought turkeys to keep as pets on the farm, which eventually led to becoming the largest turkey facility in Oregon at one time. Stoller and his late wife Cathy purchased the farm (considered marginal farmland by most) from family in the early nineties with the intention of revamping it to what is now one of the only true Oregon wineries.

The rocky terrain and steep hillsides, that weren’t ideal for farming, are perfectly suited for producing great wine. The southern-sloped hills now produce wines that tell the story of just how good Oregon wine can be. The distinct elements of the Dundee Hills contribute to the quality wines such as the ancient Jory soil. Sitting outside Stoller's tasting room, gazing up at the vines and rolling hills that go on for miles, is a sight. The premier location has successfully led to producing exceptional wines that continues to draw in enthusiasts. Whether planning a relaxing weekend, a romantic getaway, or serious wine tasting, Stoller will earn its place at the top of your “favorite Oregon vineyard list.” It may be so enjoyable that you head back the following weekend. There are three vacation homes to rent (all with amazing views of the vineyard), fully equipped with kitchens, and other convenient amenities like complimentary wine tasting. The booming wine operation now ships wine to a growing number of locations offering three wines from their portfolio. The JV, SV and Cathy's are becoming well distributed throughout the U.S. The Cathy’s, with only 88 cases produced, will be much less accessible. All three wines, however, are available for purchase on the website and can be shipped to most states.

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