A pioneer in the amusement park industry, Knott’s Berry Farm provides the unique combination of world-class thrill rides with traditional family favorite attractions. A day at Knott’s Berry Farm means taking on mammoth coasters, as well as witnessing an Old West shoot-out and getting a hug from the world’s most lovable beagle – Snoopy. No matter what your age, you will find your day at Knott’s Berry Farm filled with unparalleled entertainment. 

At Knott’s, the choice is yours. From world-class roller coasters to operating antiques, Knott’s rides and attractions are something special for the whole family. A long-time Park favorite, The Timber Mountain Log Ride, is widely regarded as the best flume ride ever built. In recent renovations, The Timber Mountain Log Ride now features all new lighting, scenes, and animatronics.

Just across from the Timber Mountain Log Ride, guests can board the Ghost Town and Calico Railroad, an authentic 1881-steam train for a surprise-filled trip around the park. Held-up by Knott’s Ghost Town Bandits 10,000 times a year, the Ghost Town and Calico Railroad holds the distinction of having the worst crime rate of any railroad in the world!

In Knott’s Old West Ghost Town®, the heart and soul of the Park, feel free to drop by the Calico Saloon to visit Cameo Kate and Dakota Dan or to just sip on a tall, cool sarsaparilla. And don’t leave without experiencing a showdown between the local gunslingers or watching the real blacksmith create authentic metals on Ghost Town’s Main Street.

What’s a west coast theme park without a Boardwalk? Guests will find three new attractions the whole family will enjoy, in the newly expanded Boardwalk Pier. Take a journey down a 1,339 foot track filled with hairpin turns, twists and spins on the new Coast Rider. Surfside Gliders turn guests into pilots in their two-man aircraft for a bird’s eye view of the entire Boardwalk area. Everyone gets caught in the spin on Pacific Scrambler.

Camp Snoopy, celebrating 30 years in 2014, was the first-ever theme park area dedicated solely for kids. This summer, as part of its grand celebration, Knott’s Berry Farm is revitalizing and enhancing the entire land of High Sierra fun from the ground up! Knott’s will also add three new attractions to the themed area: Charlie Brown’s Kit Flyer takes campers on a high flying adventure, soaring above the land’s winding paths and babbling streams – but watch out for the kite-eating tree! Pig Pen’s Mud Buggies invites tykes to an adventurous ride through the high sierra mountains in a pint-sized off road vehicle; Linus Launcher soars up, up and away on a thrilling launcher fit for two. Overall, the six-acre wonderland offers more than 30 rides and attractions for little tykes and their parents! Don’t miss the modern Camp Snoopy thriller Sierra Sidewinder! This innovative coaster sends riders through dips and turns all while rotating on its axis!

Additionally for 2014, the classic Calico Mine Ride, Knott’s first major attraction and theme park industry icon, will undergo an all-encompassing refurbishment complete with over 50 new state-of-the-art animatronic figures and enhanced scenery. The beloved attraction carries riders aboard ore cars on a realistic adventure through dimly lit tunnels of a working gold mine. The winding journey takes passengers to underground lakes, waterfalls, caverns filled with thousands of mysterious formations, chambers filled with steaming, bubbling pots and geysers. At several points in the trip, riders find themselves along the rim of a sixty five foot deep and ninety foot wide scene filled with dozens of animated miners trying to strike it rich. The design preserves the impressive forced perspective of the mountain range, based on the sites in the authentic ghost town at Calico in California’s Mojave Desert.

For more information on Knott’s Berry Farm including admission, park hours and events visit or download the Knott's Berry Farm app for your smart phone.

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