The perfect companion for fall’s coolest days.

Cooler days call for warm layers, even in the home. Throws double as decorating statements and cozy must-haves. Select styles in your favorite color palette and textures. Throws are also a great accent on holiday's. Display across a sofa back, layer on an antique ladder, or stack on pieces of furniture, trunks, or baskets in each room.

Each season, change out your throw collection to the appropriate fabric for the weather. Cold weather months require sweater-like knits, wools, and oversized yarns.

Find a luxurious wool blend, sweater-inspired style like the Snow Creek throw by UGG, or an oversized throw to cuddle under on lazy afternoons. UGG’s signature wool throws are as warm and comfortable as classic UGG boots.


Inspired by the feel of a favorite fall sweater, the Snow Creek throw provides luxurious comfort. The Snow Creek throw is a gorgeous layering piece and great option for keeping warm, and adding style to your decor. Featuring beautiful two-toned knit and fluffy sheepskin pom poms for soft, functional accent piece with a touch of whimsy. Find the Snow Creek Throw at https://www.ugg.com/home-collection-blankets. Available in Port / Granite, Snow / Light Fawn, and Stone / Seal color combinations.


The motor robes by Pendleton Woolen Mills, feature the finest 100% pure virgin wool, softly napped in a colorful prints such as red and black buffalo plaid. Perfect for cool days.


To make a classic statement to any room and always have an extra layer of plaid to carry on cold occasions, opt for Pendleton's motor robe throw and coordinating leather carrying strap. This throw is the ultimate indulgence for functional warmth and comfort to enjoy in the cooler seasons. Made from feature the finest 100% pure virgin wool, softly napped in a variety of colorful plaids and authentic Scottish Tartans, it's the definitive solution for anyone who is looking for an unforgettable gift.

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